Cannot edit BM Content Builder

This article fits the ARTSEA, Arnold, theme.

Cannot Find / Enter BM Content Builder

Please make sure install and activate the BM Content Builder plugin, you’ll see the BM Content Builder button in Page/Post/Portfolio editing panel:

Update to the Latest Version

If the BM Content Builder button is not shown, please update both the theme and BM Content Builder plugin are the latest version. (check how to update Art, SEA, Arnold)

Please don’t forget to update the BM Content builder plugin after theme updating. Please go to Plugins > Installed Plugins to check.

If there is Update Required link, please click it to update

Please Stop all other Plugins

Sometimes, it may also be caused by a plugin. Please stop all other plugins to check again. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

Please Stop extensions of the browser

Some browser extensions(like Google Translator) would add extra HTML code automatically into the Text editor. It will break the content, and the modules will not be edited anymore.

Google Translator extension of Chrome broken the content. It automatically produces unwanted code, resulting in the builder content being no longer editable

Repair Text Module Contaminated by JavaScript

If the JavaScript code or special HTML codes like iframe was entered a Text module. The page would not be edited by BM Content Builder. You could build a new page to replace the issued page. But if you want to fix the issued page, you need to remove the JavaScript or special HTML codes in the Text module. You cannot edit the Text module directly, please follow the steps to fix it:

  • Install the plugin WP Data Access, it is a plugin that you can edit the database directly. We suggest you make a backup firstly.
  • Please go to WP Data Access > Data Explorer, move mouse cursor on the wp_postmeta, click Explore
  • Enter some words from the Text module, several items will be listed, find the correct one. Please note that the Meta Key should be ux-cb-content, the Post Id should be the issued Page’s ID, click Edit
  • You can edit the content, find the JavaScript or Illegal codes to delete, click Submit

Please go back the issued page, it should be edited now. Please delete the issued Text module, re-build a Text module.

Other Attempts 

Please clean your browser cache to check. Or create a new page to check if it works.

If all attempts do not work, please submit a ticket in our customer service forum.

Cannot Edit Text Module

If you can enter the BM Content Builder, but only the Text module cannot be edited or saved, please refer to the following situations to fix it.

Conflict with a option of Jetpack

If your website are running Jetpack plugin. Please disable the “Enable site accelerator” of Jetpack plugin.

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