12 cols width system

BM Content builder obeys the rule of 12 columns width. When you add a new module, it’s 12 width cols by default. You could adjust the module width by the tools bar on each module. The module will be fullwidth if the width is over 12 columns. If you want […]

Social links on Header and Expanded Panel

If you want to show your own social media links, there are 2 steps mainly. Create social links, refer to the tutorials. Activate the social links on the header or expanded panel, set spacing and size. We mainly talk about the step 2. (These options will be added in v3.4) […]

Header Icon

Go to ART Theme > Theme Options > Header, you will find the Header Icon options The header icon is the 9(or 6) dots icon for a popup panel. Header Icon Style To show the Header Icon, please activate it as ON. You could choose the icon with 6 or […]

Menu Items Style

The menu could be shown on the header, expanded panel, footer. Please refer to the tutorials to create the menu. To set the Menu items spacing and other styles, please go to “Art Theme > Theme Options > Header” Spacing Horizontal Spacing for Menu Items on Header Left Spacing for Menu […]

How to find WordPress Post/Page ID

This article fits all WordPress themes. When you write a CSS for a special Page or Post. It is necessary to add a unique class name for the CSS. Or the CSS will affect other pages without the class name. The class name will be exported on the <body> tag […]

How to custom a WordPress Theme(child theme)

This article fits the ART, SEA Air, Arnold, Za, Theone, Aside theme. Our themes support multiple customization ways. Maybe you want to make some custom job. But please don’t change the theme file directly. Because the theme update will cover the changed theme files. CSS codes Most of the style of custom work […]

How to Duplicate Page

This article fits the ART and SEA theme. Please go to Appearance > Install Plugins, install/activate the “Yoast Duplicate Post” plugin Go to the Pages(or Posts/Portfolios) list, you will find the “Clone” link below each page. Click “Clone”, it will duplicate the page. There is not the “Clone” link in […]