Tabs module introduction

Tabs is a user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive module that it can be for showing your works like a APP. It supports 4 tabs layouts(left, right, top, bottom). You can define the tabs for mobile also. Tabs supports to show SVG icon or without icon. It also presets a lot of text […]

How to create Google Maps by iframe codes

Normally, you could create a lived Google maps by the WP Google Maps plugin, here is easier and quicker way. Please go to a 3rd website ( or google-map-generator) to general your Google map, config the address, zoom, and other options, it will generate the HTML codes of the Google […]

How to Install Error Log Monitor Plugin

In many cases, you will encounter an admin-ajax.php 500 error, which is a common ajax call error in WordPress for many reasons, such as software version, software environment, and so on. If you want to find the source of the problem, you must check PHP’s error log. Of course, you can […]

ThemeForest WordPress Theme Automatically Update

For a WordPress theme purchased from ThemeForest, it is possible to get the automatically update in your WordPress wp-admin panel. You could only click several times to finish the update job. Please follow the guide to config it. What is WordPress Theme Automatically Update Normally, you need to upload and […]

Cannot edit BM Content Builder

This article fits the ART, SEA, Arnold, theme. Cannot Find / Enter BM Content Builder Please make sure install and activate the BM Content Builder plugin, you’ll see the BM Content Builder button in Page/Post/Portfolio editing panel: Update to the Latest Version If the BM Content Builder button is not shown, please update both […]

Menu Items Style

The menu could be shown on the header, expanded panel, footer. Please refer to the tutorials to create the menu. To set the Menu items spacing and other styles, please go to “SEA Theme > Theme Options > Header” Spacing Horizontal Spacing for Menu Items on Header Left Spacing for Menu area on […]

Linked text hover effect

This article fits the ART, SEA, Arnold, theme. If you want to use the hover effect like the menu item. Please follow the guide. We cannot define a general CSS to add the hover effect for ALL linked text by default. Because it can cause other unpredictable problems. The better way is that […]

Reinstall Arnold Version 1(for Existing User)

Downgrade v2 to v1 The version 2 is a major update, it is incompatible with version 1. If you have accidentally upgraded version 2, you should downgrade to version 1. Please go to Appearance > Themes. You will find the thumbnail of version 1 if you didn’t remove it. Activate […]