Creating Home Page(Video included)

This tutorial introduces how to create home page on WordPress website step by step through Air theme. The main part of the page, except for the header and footer, is created by adding a Page. Login WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Page tab click ‘Add New’. Then you will enter […]

How to Add Single Portfolios by Air theme

The single Portfolio page shows one of your projects or works individually. You need to add some single portfolios before creating your Portfolio page following this tutorials. You can also check video tutorial directly. Navigate to the Portfolio tab in your WordPress sidebar and click the Add New option, then you will enter the […]

Creating a Page

The Page is the basis for creating a website, there is no limit to the number of Pages created. The Post is for writing single blog posts, and Page is usually for creating Homepage, Portfolio(list), About, Info, Contact, Shop and etc. Create a new page from the WordPress Dashboard Navigate […]

Config Blog Page layout & style

To config WordPress Blog Page layout & style on Air theme. Please go to “Air Theme > Theme Options > Blog List”. Air WordPress theme offers 3 layouts: blog layout with fullwidth, with right sidebar, left right sidebar. To setup the default blog page layout, click the “Blog List” tab. […]

How to Create WordPress Blog List Page

If you want to show blog on website, please follow the step by step tutorial: Create a new page: Please go to Pages > Add New. Enter a title like “Blog”. If you want Blog page to show only default archive post list, do not add content by BM Content Builder or […]

Creating Blog Posts

To create posts on Air WordPress theme, go to “Posts > Add” New from the admin panel.  7 Post Formats Air WordPress theme provides 7 formats for your post; these formats would affect the layout of your post in list and content page. You need to pick up the format […]

Single Post Layout Options

In the Content tab, there are layout options of the single Posts. please go to “Air Theme > Theme Options > Content” tab: Some Layout Options of Single Posts In the Content tab, you could define the title spacing, meta info, hiding unnecessary categories for all single posts and default […]

Create Footer on Air WordPress theme

To create footer on Air WordPress theme, click “Air Theme > Theme Options > Footer” on admin panel the left hand,, you will see Header options: Parallax Footer The footer bar will be sticky if the “Parallax Footer” option is enabled (like the below video). Elements The footer bar need […]

Configure Social Network options

Social Media Links To configure Air WordPress social network options, please setup the social names, icons, and links firstly. Go to “Air Theme > Theme Options > Social Networks” tab: Setup Social Media Links The social media links will display on 3 positions: header bar, expanded panel, and footer bar. […]

Air Theme Header Icon(6/9 Dots Icon)

Go to Air Theme > Theme Options > Header, you will find the Header Icon options The header icon is the 9(or 6) dots icon for a popup panel. Header Icon Style To show the Header Icon, please activate it as ON. You could choose the icon with 6 or […]