Thumbnail Video

To show the video on the thumbnails of Grid and Masonry Grid. Please set the “Source” as “Portfolio”. Please go to Portfolio > All Portfolio, set the video for the portfolio item. It supports Embed video and Hosted video. Embed Video It supports YouTube and Vimeo, please enter the URL […]

Post Navigation

To show the post navigation (Next / Previous buttons) on single post or portfolio. Please insert the module. This module will only be available in single post and portfolio. It looks like: Previous – Show post(s) that were published later than this post Next – Show post(s) that were published […]


This article fits the ART and SEA theme. Please go to Appearance > Customize: Click Site Identity: Click Select site icon to upload the icon image.

Create a standard Grid Gallery page

To showcase your gallery work. Please add a new Page, active the BM Content builder. Step by step Page > Add New Enter a title Click BM Content Builder Click “Grid” Choose “Media Library” from the “Source” selector: Click “Select Images”. The Media Library panel will popup. Please pick up […]

Create Blog by Grid Module

We know there is a default way to create a blog page here. You could create a blog(or news) page by the Grid module also. Please go to Pages > Add New Enter a title like “Blog” Click BM Content Builder, click Grid (learn how to insert a Grid) Choose the Source as […]

Blog Page layout & style

The SEA theme offers blog layout with fullwidth, with right sidebar, left right sidebar. To set the default blog page layout, click the “Blog List” tab. Please go to SEA Theme > Theme Options Choose Blog Settings from the left options list in Theme Options. Make sure you have selected the Blog layout […]

Create a Blog Page

If you want to show blog on website, please follow: Create a new page: Please go to Pages > Add New. Enter a title like “Blog”. Do not add content by BM Content Builder or WordPress Editor, they will not be shown. The page settings(like Show Header etc) will not work also. […]

Create a Masonry Grid Portfolio list page

To showcase your portfolio(project) items. Please add a new Page, active the BM Content builder to create tons of grid or masonry grid layouts. Before the Portfolio list page creating, you should create several portfolio(project) items by single portfolios, they should be set with a category. Step by step Page […]