Grid / Masonry Grid – Filter

To find the Grid and Masonry Grid module, Please go to “Pages > Add New”, click “BM Content Builder”

To show filter for the portfolio page, please enable the “Filter” option.

Source: Portfolio

There would be not categories if you start from new website. Please create the categories firstly.

Go to “Portfolio > Categories”, please add one category at least, all portfolios would be set within this category. You could name it as “Works” or others. If you have several sub-categories, please set “Works” as parent category of these categories. The category structure looks like:

Please make sure that the parent category(like the “Works” category in the above screenshot) is selected in the Grid module.

It is the same as the “Post” and “WooCommerce” source.

Source: Media Library

There is not the parent category for the “Media library” source. Please go to “Media > Library” to set category for the selected images for the Grid:

It will directly list all categories of level-1 set for the images.

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