How to use Text module

To find the Text module, Please go to “Pages > Add New”, click “BM Content Builder”

Add paragraph and heading with the Text module. Please do NOT enter JavaScript or special HTML codes like iframe. It will cause the page cannot be edited by BM Content Builder(how to fix). But you can enter shortcodes.

There is a 3rd party WYSIWYG editor within the Text module. You could set up the “Font color/background-color”, “Font Size/Line height/letter-spacing”, “Container Height” and other options with the editor.

Font color

If there is not the 2nd line of icons on the toolbar, please click Toolbar Toggle:

Font size

The default font size unit is PX, you could use unit VW, it would be more flexible. For example, the 1.8vw means 1.8% of screen width. 1.8vw equals 18px if screen width is 1000px, it equals 36px if screen width is 2000px.

Check how to set a font size(PX and VW unit):

What are the viewport units?

Font size for mobile

The text will be shown as the default font size set in the BM Font(BM Fonts Management > Fonts Assignment > Posts & Pages > Content). If you select a font size in the editor, the default font size for both desktop and mobile will be covered. You should select a font size for mobile also normally.

PS: Maybe you see the data-msize="xx" in the span tag, It is the old value. We suggest you use --font-size-m instead of data-msize.

To add link for selected text:

To add a link for downloading a file like PDF or Zip file. Please add the word “Download” in code mode. It should be:

<a href="" download>click to donwload</a>

Code mode

Click this button it will turn to code mode:

Container Height

The Text module could be set a height fluid value(screen height) or fixed value. The content in the Text module would be vertical centering if it is set a height value.

Background color/image/video, mask text

The Text module supports color, image and video background.

Background: Color

Please click “Select Color” to pickup a color for the Group.

Background: Image

Please click “Add new image” to upload a picture from your computer or pick up one from Media library.

Masked Text

The Background image also work for the masked text effect if the option “Mask” is selected.

  • To replace the image, please “Add new image”
  • To disable the masked effect, please pick up “Standard” from selector Effect

Check the video tutorial how to create the masked text:

Background: Hosted Video

Please enter the different format video file URL for the 3 inputs, the URL should be like:


You could use some online tools to convert the video file like Cloudconvert, It does not support the 3rd embed code like Youtube.


The text editor supports the shortcode, if you want to show a map, you could use the WP Google Maps plugin. Add the map through Maps > Maps, enter the shortcode like:

Text Marquee

The Text module supports marquee effect such as the below video(from BM Content builder v 3.13

The Text Marquee options are available in the Advanced Settings tab of Text mould editing panel. Check more about how to add Text Marquee

Text with Stroke

The Text module supports to show text with stroke. (from BM Content builder v 3.13

Please add class name stroke for the tag a in the code mode of text editor, like the demo codes:

<p><span>CONTACT US VIA EMAIL: <a class="stroke" href="mailto:xxx@xxx.COM">NAME@WEBSITE.COM </a> PHONE: +00 12345 </span></p>

ID Name

The ID name could be available in all types of modules. It could be set as the anchor.
The ID name must begin with a letter ([A-Za-z]) and may be followed by any number of letters, digits ([0-9]), hyphens (“-“), underscores (“_”), colons (“:”), and periods (“.”). Check more

Cannot edit or save

Please disable the “Enable site accelerator” of Jetpack plugin. Otherwise, it will cause problems that cannot be edited or saved. Read more

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