Text module

To find the Text module, Please go to “Pages > Add New”, click “BM Content Builder”

Add paragraph and heading with the Text module.

There is a 3rd party wysiwyg editor within the Text module. You could set up the “Font color/background color”, “Font Size/Line height/letter spacing”, “Container Height” and other options with the editor. If you set up the “Container Height” same as “Browser Height”, the content in Text module would be vertical centering.

Font color

You could set the font color by the Foreground Color.

Font size for desktop/mobile

The default font size unit is PX, you could use unit VW or VH from the selector or code mode, it would be more flexible. e.g.

<h1 ><span style="font-size: 11.5vw;" data-msize="52">More simple, <br>more powerful.</span></h1>

What are the viewport units?

Font size for mobile:

To add link for selected text:

To add a link for downloading a file like PDF or Zip file. Please add the word “Download” in code mode. It should be:

<a href="the-url.zip" download>click to donwload</a>

Code mode

Click this button it will turn to code mode:

Background color/image/video, mask text

The Text module supports color, image and video background. You could create fullscreen wrap with color, image or video background with “Text” module. Please enter some simple text in editor(don’t enter too much content). You could create mask text effect through: 
Background: image > Effect: Mask

For “Hosted video” , it is recommended to enter all 3 formats: mp4, ogg, and webm, that will support most browsers.


The text editor supports the shortcode, if you want to show a map, you could use the WP Google Maps plugin. Add the map through Maps > Maps, enter the shortcode like:

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