Creating a single Portfolio

To create a new single portfolio(project), go to Portfolio > Add New from the admin panel(Please make sure that the BM Content Builder plugin is activated).

Step by Step

  1. Portfolio > Add new
  2. Enter the title
  3. Please select one category(or more categories).
  4. Set the Featured Image, the featured image will be shown as the thumb in the portfolio list
  5. Set Template. If you want to create a normal layout, please select “No Template“. If you want to create a “Text column + Images column” layout, please select the “Gallery on Left” or “Gallery on Right” template.
  6. Click Publish(Update)


There would be not categories if you start from a new website. Please create the category firstly.

Go to “Portfolio > Categories”, please add one category at least, all portfolios would be set within this category. You could name it as “Works” or others. If you have several sub-categories, please set “Works” as the parent category of these categories.

When you create the portfolio list page(the portfolio list page is created by the “Grid” or “Masonry Grid” module in BM Content builder), you will select the “Works” category for the portfolio list page. the sub-categories will be shown as the filter items in the portfolio list page.

Please go back the single Portfolio editing page, select category:

You could set “Featured Image” for a single portfolio, the featured image could be shown in portfolio list(“Grid” or “Masonry Grid” module):

The “Second Featured Image” is for showing-2nd-image-mouseover effect of the portfolio list(“Grid” or “Masonry Grid” module).

No Template

It has no specific layout restrictions. You could use the BM Content Builder editor with this template. You could create portfolio quickly by placeholder layout (click insert template in BM Content builder), it looks like:

The portfolio could be set with or without “Title”, “Header”, “Footer”. Please enable the “Content From Page Top” and “Transparent Header Background” if you want to show the header above the hero section. You could set the logo and menu color scheme.

Check how to set video thumbnail.

The “Gallery on Left/Right” is “Text column + Images column” layout, it looks like: 

If the template is set as “Gallery on Left” or “Gallery on Right”, the options would be shown:

Upload the image or pick up the existed image in media library:

Create the Gallery layout(Gallery column): 
Please set the “1-4” grid(s) or the Text for each line.
It supports simple HTML code in the “Text”. Please don’t add HTML code into the <a> tag, or the <a> tag will not work.

Turn on “Show Video”, you can enter the embed code to show video above/below gallery.

  • If it is a Youtube video, please enter the video URL like:
  • If it is a Vimeo video, please enter the video URL like:
  • Please enter the complete embedded code for other media website like: <iframe>...</iframe>
  • If it is hosted video, please enter the codes like: <video controls="controls"><source src="the-video-file-URL.mp4" type="video/mp4"></video>

Enable Title Masking option, the title looks like:

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