Installing SEA via WordPress

To use a WordPress theme, you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information about installing the WordPress platform, please refer to the WordPress Codex here.

Please don’t activate the WordPress Classic editor by Classic editor plugin or other way.

Extract the package file

After extract the main zip file, you’ll see these folders and files:

  • theme files/ – Sea theme installable file
  • documentation folder – help file
  • theme files/ – Child theme installable file
  • plugins folder – The bundled plugin installable file
  • log folder

Install the theme file

  • Login to your WordPress admin.
  • In the “Appearance > Themes” menu click tab “Install Themes”.
  • At the top of the page click “Upload”, then click “Choose File”.
  • Select the zipped theme file, “”, and click “Install Now”.
  • After installation, you will receive a success message confirming your new install.
  • Click “Activate”.

1. Be sure to extract the file “” from the ThemeForest download before uploading. Using the ThemeForest ZIP file directly will result in a “Missing Style Sheet” error. 
2. If “The link you followed has expired.” is shown when you upload the zip file. It may be caused by upload size limitation, please increase the PHP configuration:

post_max_size = 64M
upload_max_filesize = 64M

Install Bundled Plugins

After activating the theme, you would notice the message box on the top of the admin pages to ask you to install/activate some plugins, and you could use them for free or cancel the messages. Include BM Content Builder(must install), Permalinks Customizer, WP Google Maps, Loco Translate, SVG Support.

  • Click Begin installing plugins in this message.
  • You could check all required plugins; they are optional. You could install/activate what you need: 

Note: Please install/activate the BM Content Builder before import demo data.
Not all plugins are necessary. If you don’t need maps, you will not install Google Maps.

Import Demo Data

  • Install/activate the BM Content Builder and SVG Support plugin.
  • Go to Plugins > Installed plugins, Deactivate all other 3rd plugins.
  • Go to Sea Theme > Import Demo, select a demo(thumbnail), the “Import” will be activated, click it. 

We do not recommend multiple imports, please delete the previously imported content (including pages, posts, media) and empty the trash before new imports. If there is not useful content on your WordPress website, you could delete content by the WP Reset plugin. Please notice, the plugin will REMOVE all content(posts/pages/uploaded images, etc). Don’t use it if there is useful content on your website. 

You could import the single demo page by inserting a template, check more.

  • Please deactivate all plugins except the BM Content Builder before start importing.
  • Please do not activate the child theme. Or there would be not any demo data shown out.
  • If there are not the demos but the number 1 shown(screenshot), please add to wp-config.php(how) define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');
  • The gray boxes are the placeholder images, you could replace them as your own images, check more

For the license reason, some images and fonts are different from the live demo website. The font name of the demo site is Neue PlakSabon Next.

Video Guide

Please contact us by if you meet in trouble. We are happy to help you solve it.

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