Update Art from Version 2.x to 3.x(existing users only)

The version 3 is a major update. The core frame codes was updated. The BM Content builder was updated to 3.x also. Many new features are added: support the WordPress Block editor, new Group module, new Slide module, etc. It is difficult to make the smooth update to 3.x.

Please STOP the Automatic Theme Updates plugin, like Envato Toolkit or Envato Market.

So you have to re-build some pages and options. If you don’t have time to do the jobs, you could use Art 2.x still. You will find the installable file in the version 2 folder. Check how to re-install version 2.

Lots of elements/pages need to re-build:


The “standard”, “Slider”, and “Fullscreen” templates(layouts) were removed from version 3. Most of the portfolios need to be rebuilt. Because the 3 layouts can be created by BM Content Builder. There is a temporary solution to show the portfolios with the 3 templates – installing the child theme(art-v2tov3-child.zip) in the update folder, check the video below.

BM Content Builder

In Content Builder version 3, the content built by the builder will not be stored in WordPress editor. If you click the save button in Content Builder version 3, the content built by the builder will be moved to meta. The content will not be shown in the WordPress editor even you turn back Content Builder version 2.


Please stop the BM Slider plugin, please rebuild the slider by Slider module of the BM Content builder.

Global options

Logo color rule was updated, please set the logo color in Art Theme > Theme Options. Maybe you need to edit some pages to reset the logo color.

You maybe need to reset the Header and Footer layout. The section of the Header icon(portfolio icon) was updated, so you need to re-pickup a page for the Header icon(portfolio icon).

Page hero section was removed from page options, please use the BM Content builder to create the hero section.

The BM Tool plugin is not available in version 3.0 also. Please import the demo data in Art Theme > Import Demo

Video Guide


How to check the theme version?

Please go to Appearance > Themes, click the activated theme. The theme info panel will popup, you will see the theme version.

How to install child theme?
  1. Please make sure you have installed the Art WordPress theme. Please notice that the Art theme folder name(art-theme) must not be changed.
  2. Install the child theme, refer the above video from 2:00
How to do if there has been a child theme?

If you have installed a child theme. Please merge the following files and code into your child theme folder:

  1. unzip the /update/art-v2tov3-child.zip
  2. move “v2” folder, “template” folder to your child theme folder(maybe there has been the template folder in your child theme, be careful don’t cover the existed files)
  3. move single-ux-portfolio.php to your child theme folder
  4. paste the codes into functions.php
    require_once get_theme_file_path() . '/v2/functions-v2.php';
Is the Art 2.x compatibility with BM Content builder 3.x?

No. The Art version 2.x must work with BM content builder version 2.x

If you are not sure how to do, please contact us: uiueux@gmail.com

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