ART Theme Update

We will constantly update the ART WordPress theme, including adding new features, fixing bugs, and adapting to new software (WordPress, WooCommerce). 

Config Auto-update

You could config to set auto-update following this tutorials.

Manual Update

Please go to “Art Theme > About” to check the version number of the ART running on your website.

You could check the latest ART theme version on Themeforest.

If the version is newer than your website. You could upgrade the ART theme.

Before the update, please make a backup.

  1. Go to and login, move the mouse cursor to the username on top-right of the page, there is the sub-menu slide down, click “download” to go download page, click “Installable WordPress file only” to download the installable file.
  2. Login to your WordPress website admin.
  3. In the “Appearance > Themes” menu,  please activate a default theme(like Twenty Nineteen theme). Because you cannot delete a currently activated theme.
  4. Please delete the Art theme(click “Theme Details” on Art thumbnail, there is the popup panel, click “delete” on the bottom-right corner)
    ps: it will only remove the theme files. it will NOT remove the website data(posts, pages, media, options).
  5. At the top of the page click “Add New”, click “Upload Theme”, then click the file input to select a file.
  6. Select the downloaded file, click “Install Now”. (If you meet the issue: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”. Please refer to this article to fix it.)
  7. After installation, you will receive a success message confirming your new install.
  8. Click the link “Activate”.

After updating the main theme, please update the BM Content builder plugin also:

Go to Plugins > All Plugins, find BM Content Builder, click “Update Required”, it will guide you to finish the update.

Major Update

Be careful, sometimes there are major updates, such as 2.x to 3.x. Be sure to read the update log before updating the large version. Because it may cause unpredictable problems.

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