How to set Fonts

To set the fonts for your website, please go to Fonts Management from the admin panel. Activate the BM Content Builder plugin if there is not the Fonts Management tab.

There are 2 steps to set font to the web pages.

1. Define fonts

Please create(define) the fonts firstly. Please go to Fonts Management > Fonts Definition, you could create the font from 4 kinds of source: Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, Uploaded Fonts, and System Fonts.

2.Assign fonts

Go to Fonts Management > Fonts Assignment to assign the font to the logo, menu, post/page, or other elements.

If you want to set font for some elements what are not included in these tabs. 
Please click “Custom” tab, enter the HTML selector of the element to set font settings:

Please separate multiple selectors by commas like .logo,.menu

Video guide

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