Menu Icon(hamburg) and Expanded Panel

This tutorial provides guidance on adding menu icon and an expanded panel to your website header in the Art theme for WordPress. By default, the Art theme displays only menu items. However, you can customize this behavior to include icons or a panel with more information.

First, you should confirm whether the header layout you have selected supports menu icon.

Header layouts that supports displaying menu icons.
Header layouts for mobile that supports displaying menu icons.

To get started, go to “Art Theme > Header” > Menu Icon” in the WordPress dashboard menu. Here you can enable the menu icon feature and choose from several icon styles. You can also specify the position of the icon and adjust its size, color and background.

Here you can choose from 2 icon styles.

You could define the icon size by the icon height option. Please enter the integer number. It will be shown by the default size if they are empty. The default for Desktop is 26, for Mobile is 16.

Expanded Panel


The expanded panel will be shown when menu icon is clicked.

There are the options for spacing of menu items and align.

Notice: The “Expanded Panel Bottom Layout” and “Search Icon Size” were added in the V3.4

Enable Index number

The layout looks like(is available from 3.11):

The “Index number” is only available for the 4 header layouts:


If you want to define the color(Background color and element color) for the Expanded panel, please go to Theme Options > Colors: Expanded Panel

Notice: From v3.4, the Expanded Panel Bottom Layout color options were added, the “Menu & Logo Color on the Expanded Color” in Page/Portfolio editing were removed.

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