Social links on Header and Expanded Panel

If you want to show your own social media links, there are 2 steps mainly.

  1. Create social links, refer to the tutorials.
  2. Activate the social links on the header or expanded panel, set spacing and size.

We mainly talk about the step 2. 

  • Horizontal Spacing for Social Link Items on Header
  • Left Spacing for Social Link area on Header

Please enter the integer number for the spacing. The spacing will work as the screenshot:

  • Social Link Items(on Header) Size – because the social icons is from FontAwesome, you could define the font size by a number. It works for the social name(text) also. The font style(family, line-height, letter-spacing) of is the same of menu item on header(BM Font management > Fonts Assignment > Menu> Menu on Header)

There are 2 inputs for one option. The 1st is for the Desktop, the 2nd is for the Mobile. They accept only input numbers.

You could set the social links for the expanded panel, it is similar to the header bar. There is not the Left Spacing for the Social Link area for the expanded panel.

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