Air theme Update(from v1 to v2, for Existing users) Notice !

Update Notice

Very sorry for the trouble, and please believe we don’t want choose this way if there is a better solution. The version 2 of Air WordPress theme is a major and special update, it is incompatible with Air version 1. We had to change the keyframe works to add more features, so the content that built by version 1 can not display in version 2. If you don’t want to rebuild the content, please DO NOT update to the version 2. But we didn’t give up version 1, and we still release minor update for the version 1.

If you want to downgrade version 2 to version 1, please check how to Downgrade Air theme v2 to v1.

Version 1 Update (for Existing users)

Please don’t worry about the version 1, it won’t be abandoned, we will maintain update version 1 consistently for existing users. The existing users can still download the version 1 installable file from ThemeForest(download the All files & documentation), please refer to how to update Air theme version 1. The installable file is in the version1(for-existing-users) folder.

the installable file of the version 1 is
the folder name(of the version 1) in WordPress website space is air-theme

Required Plugins

The new BM Content Builder is a required plugin within version 2. it is an all new live mode builder. It will not work with version 1.

The BM PageBuilder, BM Slider, BM Shortcodes plugins(in version 1) of version 1 will not work with version 2.

Version 2 Update

If you want to update to Version 2, please stop the 3 plugins: BM Page Builder, BM Slider, BM Shortcodes, refer to this tutorial to Install Air theme version 2. The installable file of the Version 2 is Please note that the folder name in WordPress website space and Text Domain is air-theme2.

the version 2 installable file is
the folder name in WordPress website space is air-theme2
Text Domain of the version 2 is air-theme2

ps: If you did not install Air theme before, please install the version 2 directly, refer to how to install Air theme version 2.

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