Downgrade Air theme v2 to v1 (for Existing User)

Downgrade Air theme v2 to v1

The version 2 is a major update, it is incompatible with version 1. If you have accidentally upgraded version 2, you should downgrade to version 1.

Please go to Appearance > Themes. You will find the thumbnail of version 1 if you didn’t remove it.

Activate the version 1, move the mouse cursor to the thumbnail of the version 1. Click Activate.

If the version 1 has been deleted, please refer to the next section to re-install it.

Please stop BM Content Builder plugin, re-activate BM Page builder plugin

Update(re-install) Version 1.x

We will still release minor update for the version 1. You could download the installable file on the ThemeForest. Please follow the tutorial to update it (version 1.x to 1.x).

  1. Log in to your ThemeForest account and navigate to your ‘Downloads’ tab and then locate your Air purchase
  2. Click the ‘Download’ button and choose to download ‘All Files & Documentation
    Air download all files
  3. Unzip the downloaded file, find the installable file in version1(for-existing-users) folder
    Air 1.x installable file
  4. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  5. Navigate “Appearance > Themes”, please activate a default theme(like Twenty Nineteen theme). Because you cannot delete a currently activated theme.
    Activate default theme
  6. Delete the existing version Air theme(click “Theme Details” on Air thumbnail, there is the popup panel, click “delete” on bottom-right corner)
    Delete old version
  7. At the top of the page click “Add New”
    Install WordPress Theme
  8. Click “Upload Theme”, then click the file input to select a file, pick up, and click “Install Now”
    Upload theme file
  9. After installation you will receive a success message confirming your new install.
  10. Click the link “Activate”, then Air theme is installed.
    Air theme Uploaded
  11. Plugin update: Go to Plugins > All Plugins, find the BM PageBuilder, click “Update Required”. If there is not the “Update Required”. link, please ignore it.
    Update Pagebuilder plugin

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