Mouse Cursor Customization on Air

Please go to “Air Theme > Theme Options > General Settings” tab, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see the “Mouse Cursor Customization” options.

Replace Mouse Cursor by Uploaded Image

Please active “Replace Mouse Cursor by Uploaded Image”, you will see the options.

The options will replace the default mouse cursor by uploading(or select from WordPress library) images. It supports PNG or CUR format files. The image size should be less than 128px * 128px. If you want to change the cursor of the mouseover status, please upload an image for the mouseover status also. The 2 images size should be the same.

Please enter the size(width and height) of the original image file. It will help the cursor to correct the position.

Mouse Cursor Follower

This option will define a follower for the mouse cursor like the below video.

Please activate “Enable Cursor Follower”, the options will display.

  • Cursor Follower Size – the size for the follower(the circle)
  • Text on Cursor Follower – define the text when the follower above the portfolio(Grid or Masonry Grid module)

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