Configure Social Network options

To configure Air WordPress social network options, please setup the social names, icons, and links firstly. Go to “Air Theme > Theme Options > Social Networks” tab:

Configure Social Network options

The social media links will display on 3 positions: header bar, expanded panel, and footer bar.

Please click the 3-dots icon, the social icons selection panel will be shown. Please pickup an icon, the icon will be displayed(below screenshot). If you click it, the selected icon will be removed. The social name will only be shown if you don’t select icons. You can enter your own social media URL. The Social media name is optional, If you don’t enter it, the social name will not be shown.

Check the video tutorial how to set the Social links:

To config the font icon size and spacing, please go to the Header tab of Theme Options.

  • Horizontal Spacing for Social Link Items on Header
  • Left Spacing for Social Link area on Header

Please enter the integer number for the spacing. The spacing will work as the screenshot:

  • Social Link Items(on Header) Size – because the social icons is from FontAwesome, you could define the font size by a number. It works for the social name(text) also. The font style(family, line-height, letter-spacing) of is the same of menu item on header(BM Font management > Fonts Assignment > Menu> Menu on Header)

There are 2 inputs for one option. The 1st is for the Desktop, the 2nd is for the Mobile. They accept only input numbers.

  • You could set the social links for the expanded panel, it is similar to the header bar. There is not the Left Spacing for the Social Link area for the expanded panel.
  • To config social links icon on the footer bar, please go to Footer tab of Theme Options.
social links icon footer

Share Buttons For Posts

The share buttons(icons) are shown under the content of each single post, or WooCommerce product. They are different from Social Media Links, they are for sharing the visitor’s social medias instead of linking to website owner’s social medias.

Share Buttons For Posts

There are 10 media options, we recommend that you select them all to increase the chances of your articles being shared. You can define the media icon size or spacing for the single posts also.

To show the share buttons on single posts, please go to Content tab of Theme Options. Make sure “Enable Social Share Icons” is ON.

To show the share buttons on products, please go to WooCommerce tab of Theme Options. Make sure “Enable Social Share Icons” is ON. You can define the icon size and spacing also.

WooCommerce Products Social Share

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