Insert/Save Template

You could create a page by inserting template quickly in the BM Content Builder.

Please go to “Pages > Add New”, click “BM Content Builder”

Insert(load) template

Click “Insert Template” on the top tools bar .

The placeholder layouts panel will be shown, you could insert some layouts including the placeholder layouts including Home Page, Single Projects, About/contact, Blog, Slider, Sections. If there is no single posts or portfolios in your WordPress website, some modules(Grid, Masonry Grid, Post Navigation) that depend on category will not be shown correctly. I suggest you import the demo data before creating the page.

The gray boxes are the placeholder images, you could replace them as your own images, check more

Insert template – Video Guide

Save Layout as Template

Click “Save Layouts as Template”, you could save the current layout as a new template. You would find the template in the “User” tab(Click “Insert Template” to find it). You could also save a Group layout to a new template.


If there isn’t template shown, please add the code to wp-config.php(how)

define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');

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