Single Image module

To find the Single Image module, Please go to “Pages > Add New”, click “BM Content Builder”

To show one image or icon, please insert the Single Image module. It supports normal formats image and SVG format image:


It supports JPG, GIF, and PNG image formats.


Vertical Offset of the shadow, a negative number means the box-shadow would be above the box, a positive number means the shadow would be below the box.

Blur Radius of the shadow, if set to 0 the shadow would be sharp, the higher the number, the more blurred it would be, and the further out the shadow would extend. For instance, a shadow with 5px of horizontal offset that also has a 5px blur radius would be 10px of total shadow.

Fit Image Width to Container 

You could enter a URL or enable Lightbox for the image clicked. If there is the caption(set in media library, see the below screenshot) for the image, the caption will be shown in the Lightbox automatically.

Mouseover Effect

There are 4 options in the Mouseover effect selector:

The demo page shows how the “Grey to Colored” and “Colored to Grey” work.

Show Caption

If you want to show the image caption under the image, please enable “Show Caption”. You need to enter the caption text in the media library.

Please go to “Theme Name > Theme Option > Colors” to set the caption text color. Please go to “BM Font management > Fonts Assignment: Posts & Pages” to set font.



There is the color options, it is recommended for the simple SVG image.

Click to do

Go to a page, you need to enter a URL, it will open the URL when click the SVG.

Page Scrolling, please choose position, it will scroll to the position when click the SVG. demo page.


The Single Image supports rotation animation effect(from BM Content builder v 3.13) such as the below video.

It is available from Advanced Settings tab.

How to Start Rotation Animation – there are 2 options for to make the image rotate: Binding Scrolling and Automatically infinite loop. If you want the image rotating automatically, please pickup “Automatically infinite loop”. If it is selected Binding Scrolling, the rotation animation will bind with page scrolling such as the below video.

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