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What is Floating Text

The unique “Floating Text” effect(from BM Content builder v 3.13) is available from the Group module. The bold text will be shown with amazing transition and pined on center of viewpoint. The transition is binding on page scrolling at the same time. It looks like:

How to create Floating Text effect

You need to edit page and enter BM Content builder:

BM Content builder of ART, Sea, Air, Arnold WordPress theme

Please add or edit an existing Group module.

Add a Group from a empty page
Click the pencil of a existing Group module

If you want to add Floating Text above on your portfolio section of this page, the Group module should be in front of the portfolio section.

If there has been a Group module out of the portfolio section, you can add Floating Text effect by this Group also.

Please notice that the Group module should not be set as height as auto if there is not module in the Group itself.

Click pencil icon on the Group module, the Floating Text options are in Advanced Settings tab of Group mould editing panel.

Advanced Settings tab on Group module

Activate “Enable Floating Text”, the options will show.

Floating Text effect Options
  • Effect Type: there 3 options for text effect – Splitting , Combining Color, and Stroke
  • Enter a Word: enter a word what you want to show
  • Word Font: font style
  • Splitting Position: it is for Splitting effect. The base line of fonts are different, so you may set it more or less than 50. If you wish to move the splitting position down, please increase it.
  • Word Color: you can define the text color. For Combining Color effect, you need to define the 2 other colors for start and end status.
    Floating text colorFloating text color word color 1 & 2

Video Guide

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