Contact Form Module

To find the Contact Form module, Please go to “Pages > Add New”, click “BM Content Builder”

You could use this module to create a Contact form or Subscription box.

Contact Form

Placeholder text

Please recipient email address and placeholder text:

Form and button style

You could set the form box and submit button style:


If you can’t receive the mail, there should be 2 reasons:

1) maybe it’s marked as spam, please check your mailbox
2) The mail server of your website server doesn’t work. Please contact the host supplier to fix it.

If you can not resolve the mail server issue, please use a SMTP plugin to replace mail server. You can install a free SMTP WP plugin(like WP Mail SMTP) Read more: How to set the WP Mail SMTP?

Click “Advanced Settings”, you will see the “Append a privacy policy message to contact forms” option.

From 3rd plugins

You can use other contact form plugins which supports shortcode like WP Form, Contact Form7, etc. Enter the shortcode in the input:(from BM Content builder v3.13).

Contact form shortcode input

Contact Form 7

If you want to add more form fields(like phone, subject, etc) or reCAPTCHA. You could use the Contact Form 7 plugin.

  • Go to Plugins > Add New, search Contact From 7 to install and activate it
  • Go to Contact > Add New, create a form by the Contact Form 7 editor.

The default style of Contact Form 7 is showing label name out the input box. If you want the label to be shown in the input box, please refer the form codes like:

<label>[text* your-name placeholder "Name"]</label>
<label>[email* your-email placeholder "Mail"]</label>
<label>[text* your-subject placeholder "Subject"]</label>
<label>[textarea your-message placeholder "Message"]</label>
[submit "Submit"]

You will find the Shortcode of this contact form at the bottom of title input box.

PS, you can also add shortcode by the Text mobile.

Subscription Box

You can also create a subscription box(from BM Content builder v3.13). Select “Subscription” from the Type selector. Enter a email address what it can receive the subscription from users. And define the input and button style.

You can add more checkboxes by activating “Enable More Fields”. Click pencil icon to edit each field item name, click cross icon to delete existing item.

The more checkboxes will show:

The form fields can be hidden by default by activating “Hide Subscription Form by default”.

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