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Normally, the featured image of single portfolio will be as thumbnail displayed on a Portfolio page(how to create a Portfolio for Art, Arnold, Sea). Please add the video codes for single portfolio if you want to create thumbnail video portfolio(display video instead of image on a Portfolio). Please add a new portfolio or edit an existing portfolio( how to add a single portfolio for Art, Arnold, Sea) to add it. You will find the Thumbnail in Grid/Masonry Grid option in portfolio editing interface, please select Embed Video or Hosted Video from this selector.

Embed Video

It supports YouTube and Vimeo, please enter the URL directly like:


It supports “Play in List” and “Play in Lightbox”.

thumbnail video portfolio
Play in list
Play in Lightbox, the “Open Lightbox” must be activated in Grid / Masonry Grid

For embed video, it is necessary to set the video ratio. Otherwise, the video will not fill the grid:

You could enter the video width and height directly. Please look for the video width and height in embed codes:

There is not the “autoplay” option for the Embed video, you could paste the embed codes instead of URL like:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hosted Video

The thumbnail video also support Hosted video format also. You will find the Hosted video options if you select Hosted Video.

Please enter the video file URL into the URL boxes. Some browsers cannot show the mp4 format video, so it is necessary to enter the Webm or Ogg format file URL also.

It supports “Play in List”, “Autoplay”, and “Play in Lightbox”.

The hosted video will be filled into the grid automatically, it isn’t necessary to enter the video ratio normally. But the video will be cropped. If you want to show the whole video, please enter the video ratio. You could enter the video width and height also.

You could check the video width and height on the computer. Right-Click right the video file.

Click the “Get Info” on the macOS, the Info panel will popup, you will see the width and height in Dimensions:

Click “Properties” on Windows, you will find the width and height:

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