How to Set Up Menu in WordPress(2 mins)

To Set Up Menu in WordPress website, you need to create your pages first, then navigate to Appearance > Menus, it is recommended to create your Menu from Pages or Custom Links. Check the video tutorial about how to create a simple WordPress menu:

Tips: don’t forget to pick up the “Primary Menu” option.

How to Set Up Menu in WordPress

If you want to create the sub-menu, you could drag the menu item to edit the menu level, check the video tutorial:

For ART, SEA, Air, and Arnold theme, please note that the level-1 menu item cannot be linked a webpage. You could create a “empty” URL for the level-1 menu item by the “Custom Links”, enter # for the URL:

PS: there are 2 sub-menu style options in Arnold version 2, it is possible to visit the URL of the level-1 menu item by the new sub-menu style(2nd sub-menu style)

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