How to custom a WordPress Theme(child theme)

This article fits the ART, SEA Air, Arnold, Za, Theone, Aside theme.

Our themes support multiple customization ways. Maybe you want to make some custom job. But please don’t change the theme file directly. Because the theme update will cover the changed theme files.

CSS codes

Most of the style of custom work could be set by the custom CSS codes. If there is not so much CSS codes, you could paste the CSS codes into the Appearance> Customize: Additional CSS, it’s the fastest way.

JavaScript codes

If you want to add some JavaScript codes only, we suggest you install a plugin named Simple Custom CSS and JS(link). The free version is enough. Please go to Custom CSS & JS > Add Custom JS to add the javascript codes.

You could add custom CSS codes by this plugin also.

PHP codes

If you want to change the PHP files, please use the child theme instead of change the files in the parent theme folder directly.

What’s Child theme

The child theme is a special theme. It is just for theme customization. You could put the changed files into the child theme folder. It will prevent the changed files are overwritten by the theme update. There is an official article about the Child theme.

How to install a Child theme

  • You should install a parent theme firstly. Like the ART theme(SEA, Air, Arnold), you could find how to install a WordPress theme here.
  • After installing the parent theme, find the installable file of the Child theme.
  • Go to and login, move the mouse cursor to the username on top-right of the page, there is the sub-menu slide down, click “download” to go download page, click “All files & documentation” to download the zipped file.
  • Unzip it, find the installable file of the Child theme(, /theme files/,,
  • Install the child theme, the installing progress is the same as installing a normal theme. Activate the child theme after installed. (Please notice that the parent theme should not be removed or renamed theme folder)

How to custom files by the Child theme

  • You could put the changed files into the child theme folder. It will only work for part of PHP files including header.php, footer.php, index.php, page.php, single.php, archive.php, searchform.php, 404.php, all files in the template folder, most of the files in the woocommerce folder(check which files).
  • Please make sure the same files tree with the parent theme. If you want to change the /template/global/header.php, the header.php should be in the template/global folder also.
  • If you define a function, please put the codes into functions.php

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