How to 1-click Duplicate WordPress Page

To duplicate WordPress page quickly, we recommend WordPress plugin Yoast Duplicate Post.

Please go to Appearance > Install Plugins, install/activate the “Yoast Duplicate Post” plugin.

How to 1-click Duplicate WordPress Page

If you cannot find the Install plugins page, please go to Plugins > Add new, search “Yoast Duplicate Post” to install and activate it.

Go to the Pages(or Posts/Portfolios) list, you will find the “Clone” link below each page. Click “Clone”, it will duplicate the page.

Please go to “Settings > Duplicate Post: Permissions”, pickup the “Portfolio” to activate Portfolio type post, or there would not the Clone link under the single Portfolio type posts.

We don’t suggest you use other duplicate(or clone) plugins if you use ART, Arnold or SEA WordPress theme. They mostly don’t work well with the BM Content builder.

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