How to set Multi-language by WPML

It is recommended to use the popular WPML wp plugin if you want to make a multi-language site. There is the documentation of WPML. The WPML isn’t a free plugin, the tutorial is base on the Multilingual CMS version.

There is a free plugin solution here.

Install WPML

There are 4 plugins for the Multilingual CMS version, please install all the 4 plugins.

  • Go to Plugins > Add New
  • Upload the installable file
  • Activate the 4 plugins

Please refer to the official Doc


Please go to WPML > Languages to set the current language and other languages

Translate pages

  • Please edit an existed page with the default language
  • Check ‘Duplicate’ checkbox and click “Duplicate” at the right sidebar. The page will be duplicated for the 2nd language.
  • Click the pencil icon to translate the page.

Please check the video tutorials:

Translate Strings

  1. Please make sure to Install the plugin WPML String Translation.
  2. Go to left navigation: WPML/String Translation.
  3. Pickup “admin_texts_ux_theme_option” in selector “Select strings within domain”. The strings will show.
  4. Click “translations” of every string item, enter the target translated words, check on “Translation is complete” and save it.

Please check the video tutorials:

Set the Language Switcher

There are two ways:

1. To show the Switcher by menu. Go to WPML > Languages, click “+ Add a new language Switcher to a menu”:

The options panel will popup:

Select a menu, set what’s elements(language name, flag) shown, position, color. The Switcher could be shown in the selected menu. The “Dropdown” style doesn’t support the footer menu.

2. To show the Switcher by footer element. Go to Art Theme > Theme Options > Layout: choose the “WPML Switcher” for “Footer Elements”, the Switcher(Flag) will be shown on footer:

Translate menus

Please refer to the official Doc.

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