Content Tab of Theme Options

To find the Content tab, please go to “SEA Theme > Theme Options > Content” tab:

Some Layout Options of Single Posts

In the Content tab, you could define the title spacing, meta info, hiding unnecessary categories for all single posts and default archive pages

Post title spacing, meta

You could set post title spacing, meta, etc.

Hide Category on Meta

If you don’t want some categories shown on single posts, please pickup the categories here:

The categories will not be shown.

Bottom Section for Single Portfolio

You could define a bottom section(the section that the + is clicked) for all single Portfolios.

To create this section, please follow:

  • The content of this section comes from a page, so you need to create a page. Go to Page > Add new
  • Enter a title, create something by the BM Content Builder(like a Grid), publish the page.
  • Go to Theme Options > Content, enable “Show a Generic Section on Bottom of Single Project Page”, select this page from the “Choose a Page for This Section” selector.

You could define the icons(buttons) in the Lightbox, there is another article about the Lightbox.

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