How to create the Footer with SEA WordPress theme

On admin panel the left hand, click “SEA Theme > Theme Options > Footer”, you will see Header options:


The footer bar need to set one element at least. Of course, you could add more elements to be shown in the footer bar.

To show more elements, please click “+” to add new element, you could choose “Copyright”, “Logo”, “Social Link”, “Text”, “Menu”, “WPML Switcher”, “Widget” to show in an element.

  • To edit the logo, please go to Theme Options > General Settings > Logo
  • To edit the copyright, please go to Theme Options > General Settings > Copyright
  • To edit the social links, please go to Theme Options > Social Networks > Your Social Media Links
  • To edit the menu, please go to Appearance > Menus
  • To edit the WPML switcher, please install WPML plugin, config the switcher.
  • To edit the widget, please go to Appearance > Widgets, edit “Footer 1(2/3/45) for Post/Page”

Click x button, the current element will be removed.


You can set the arrangement of elements by “Footer Elements Arrange Direction” selector.

Horizon layouts:

Vertical layouts:

Inner Padding

You could set top/bottom padding from the footer elements:

Back-to-top button

To show the Back-To-Top button, please enable the option:

You could upload an image to replace the default style button. It supports SVG, PNG, JPG format image. It doesn’t support hover transition.

Mobile Layout

You could define the arrangement of elements, spacing, Back-Top-Button for the mobile layout.

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