How to set Fonts

Please go to Fonts Management from the admin panel. Activate the BM Content Builder plugin if there is not the “Fonts Management” tab.

There are 2 steps to set font to the web pages.

1. Define fonts

Please create(define) the fonts firstly.

Please go to Fonts Management > Fonts Definition, there are 4 kinds of source: Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, Uploaded Fonts, and System Fonts.

2. Assign fonts

After completing the font creation(Definition), you could assign the fonts to the webpage elements(logo, menu, post/page, etc). Please go to Fonts Management > Fonts Assignment:

If you want to set font for some elements what are not included in these tabs. 
Please click “Custom” tab, enter the HTML selector of the element to set font settings:

Please separate multiple selectors by commas like .logo,.menu

Video guide

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