How to Set WooCommerce Cart icon, Product page layout etc

Please go to “Art Theme > Theme Options > WooCommerce” to set cart icon, product page layout, WooCommerce default archive layout, and so on. Please make sure the WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated, or the WooCommerce tab will not be shown.

Show Cart Icon

The cart(basket) icon can be set be shown or not on the header bar. You can set the icon size, spacing, and other options.

Enable WooComerce Mini Cart: the mini cart will be shown on the mouse cursor over the cart icon. The click-cart-icon will be disabled. (added from v3.2.7)

Hide WooComerce Cart When Empty: the cart icon will not be shown if there is not a product item in the cart. (added from v3.2.7)

Shop(default archive) Page

The default Shop page(Shop – Shop Page) is created by WooCommerce automatically. If there is not the page, please go to WooCommerce > Status > Tools and use the page installer tool(read more). The layout of Shop page could be set with left/right sidebar of not. You could also set to show title or not and Description.

“Sold Out” word would show on the thumbnail of the archive(list).

Single Product Page

There are 4 layouts for single product page: Slider(image) without sidebar, Gallery list, Slider(image) with right sidebar , and Slider(image) with left sidebar.

Text Style

The Text style(Product Title, Price, Add-to-Cart) on the shop page and single product page can be defined in WooCommerce tab of “Fonts Assignment“. The options includes Font, size, letter spacing, mobile font size, and line height. If you want to define the text spacing(like title and price), please try to set the line height value of Archive(Shop) Items Title.

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