Creating blog posts

To create a new post, go to Posts > Add New from the admin panel. 

7 Post Formats

ART theme provides 7 formats for your post; these formats would affect the layout of your post in list and content page. You need to pick up the format from the selector:

Standard Format Post / Image Format Post / Gallery Format Post: The standard format will show the title, content, and featured image. It looks like:

Audio Format Post: The audio format post supports both the hosted mp3 files and Soundcloud embed code.

Video Format Post: The video format post supports Youtube and Vimeo embed code. You could set ratio for video; it will help to remove the dark padding in single post page as possible.

Link Format Post: You could set one or more text links within the link format post.

Quote Format Post: You could set the quoted text within the quote format post.

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