How to Set WooCommerce sidebar layout, Cart icon, etc

Please go to “Arnold Theme > Theme Options > WooCommerce” to set sidebar, icon, slider, and so on. Please make sure the WooCommerce plugin is activated.

Cart(Basket) Icon

WooCommerce Cart style: This option is for the style of the cart on the header. There are 2 options: icon and text.

It is possible to define the cart Icon(Icon style) size(height) and left spacing.

To define the cart text(Text style) size, please go to BM Font management > Fonts Assignment, click WooCommerce tab to find the option:

To adjust the vertical centering of Cart text, please pickup a number from this selector. If you select a negative value, the text will move up, and if you choose a positive value, the text will move down.(Because the baseline of each font is different, you may need to manually it)

Enable WooComerce Mini Cart: the mini cart will be shown on the mouse cursor over the cart icon. The click-cart-icon will be disabled.

Hide WooComerce Cart When Empty: the cart icon will not be shown if there is not a product item in the cart.

Shop(default archive) layout

There are sidebar(right or left) of fullwidth layout options for the default archive pages.

“Sold Out” word would show on the thumbnail of the Shop(archive) page.

Product page layout

There are product layout options: Slider+Right bar, Slider+Left bar, Slider fullwidth, Product Gallery on Left/Right

Slider Layout

The 1st/2nd/3rd layouts will display Slider.

It is possible to set the minimal style or WooCommerce default style slider.

The 4th layout will display the product gallery instead of slider.

There are options fo this layout, gallery position, sticky summary or not, image spacing, gallery width

Social Share buttons

It is possible to config the social share icons by the options(icon size and spacing):

It is possible to disable the Description tab, related product section, and footer for the single product page:

Font Stye

To define the single product font size, please go to BM Font management > Fonts Assignment, click WooCommerce tab to config the font:

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