Header layout of Arnold theme

Header layout

On admin panel the left hand, click “Arnold Theme > Theme Options > Header”, you will see Header options:

The sub-menu cannot be shown in the “Corner menu” layout.

Header Size

You could define the header size by the options:

  • Header & Footer Width –
    Fluid width: Header & Footer will be the same as 100% width as the view except the left/right padding.
    Fixed width: It will be with a fixed-width set in the  Primary Container.
  • Header & Footer Fluid Padding – If you select the Fluid Width, you could define the fluid padding. Please enter a number, the default is 60. It will work for the Desktop. The default padding is 20 for Mobile.
  • Header Height – Please enter the integer number. The default for Desktop is 140, for Mobile is 80

Header layout for mobile

Show Menu Icon on Header, it is the classic layout(logo + hamburg icon) for the mobile, the menu panel will be expanded if the hamburg icon is clicked.

If you choose one of the 4 layouts:

The expanded menu layout of the mobile would be the same as the layout of the desktop:

Show Menu Items on Header, the menu items would be listed on the header bar by default. It is not suitable to show many items for this layout. It doesn’t support sub-menu.

Show Menu Items on Header – Logo Center, the menu items would be listed on the header bar by default also. The logo and menu items would be aligned center.

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