Creating a Page

The Page is the basis for creating a website, there is no limit to the number of Pages created. The Post is for writing single blog posts, and Page is usually for creating Homepage, Portfolio(list), About, Info, Contact, Shop and etc.

Create a new page from the WordPress Dashboard

Navigate to the Pages tab in your WordPress sidebar and click the Add New option, then you will enter the page editing interface.

Tips: If you change anything in the interface, please click Update(or Publish) button to save them.

Creating WordPress Page interface
Page adding/editing interface

You can use the default editor to edit some basic pages, like Privacy Policy. To create more complicated layouts, please use BM Content Builder.

Tips: You can also create a page by duplicating an existing page, please must use the Yoast Duplicate plugin to clone existing pages. Other page duplicating plugins do not work well with BM content builder.

Page Options

Air supplies a lot of options to config the layout of the specific page, you can find the options in Settings panel under WordPress default editor.

Page Title

Give your page a name by entering it in the Title field. It is the default title of the page. It is displayed on the top of page by default. If you want to hide the default title(you can create a new title in BM content builder), please locate the Settings panel, disable Show Title Wrap.

  • Show Title Wrap – show or hide page default title
  • Show Excerpt – to show or the brief introduction under the title under the title, it will work when “Show Title Wrap” is enable. Please enter the brief introduction content in left “Excerpt” box
    Page title options
  • Show head – Show or hide the header bar
  • Show footer – Show or hide the footer bar
  • Show Header when Scrolling – the header bar will hide when open the page. It will show when page is scrolled
  • The scrolled distance to Activate Header – enter a number for the scrolled distance
  • Transparent Header Background – The header background will be transparent

Content From Page Top

The content area will start from the page top edge instead of the header bar if this option is enabled. Please activate it if you want to add a fullscreen section on the top of the page.

Logo and Menu Color

Logo and Menu Color – set the logo and menu color. If the default logo/menu color is dark, you could set the light(alternative) color with the dark color background. You should set the default and alternative color scheme(uploaded logo file or color value) in the Theme Option.

Check the video about logo&menu color rule

Page Background

Set a background color for the page, you could set the font color also, all text content in the page will be forced to show as the color.

The featured color will be defined for the masker background if the Flex Masker of the page loader is activated.

Enable All Images of The Page Navigated in The Same Lightbox – The option is disabled by default. Normally, if you enable Lightbox in a module of the BM Content builder, the images can only be navigated(Next/Pre) in the same module. The images in the different modules(Single Image, Grid, Masonry Modules) would be navigated in the same Lightbox if enable this option.

Create content with BM Content Builder

The main content(hero, slider, images grid, text block, etc) is created by the BM Content Builder, click the BM Content Builder to enter the builder editing panel. You can learn more how to use BM Content Builder by the specific tutorial how to create homepage.

BM Content builder
BM Content Builder interface
BM Content Builder interface

Check BM Content Builder introduction.


  • If you can not see the BM Content builder button, please install and activate the BM Content Builder plugin. 
  • Please don’t activate WordPress Classic editor by a plugin or other ways.

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