Air Theme Header Icon(6/9 Dots Icon)

Go to Air Theme > Theme Options > Header, you will find the Header Icon options

The header icon is the 9(or 6) dots icon for a popup panel.

Header Icon Style

To show the Header Icon, please activate it as ON. You could choose the icon with 6 or 9 dots.

Choose a Page

You need to create a page for the Pop-up panel.

  • Go to Page > Add new
  • Enter a title, create something by the BM Content Builder(like a Grid), publish the page. Please note the some options (Scroll-in animation, Change Universe Color when Scroll In, etc) will not work.
  • Select this page from the “Choose a Page for Header Icon to Pop-up” selector.

The Pop-up panel would show in the Popup when the Header icon clicked.

Header Icon Size & Spacing

You could define the icon size by the icon height option.

Please enter the integer number. It will be shown by the default size if they are empty. The default for Desktop is 26, for Mobile is 16. You could define the spacing from the left element.

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