A Quick Tutorial for WordPress Beginner (3 Mins)

Thank you very much for purchasing Air WordPress theme!  We provide a large number of step-by-step documentation and videos guide that will help you understand how to use Air theme. Here is an index that creating the website.


Install both the Air theme and bundled plugins. Please notice that the BM Content Builder plugin is only required plugin. Install only plugins for what function you need, for example, install WooCommerce if you want to build an online store. Check the specific tutorial of installation.
Tips: Please DO NOT activate the WordPress Classic editor by a plugin or other way.

Importing Demo

Installing Demo is a fast way to understand how to use Air theme. It is easy to replace the placeholder image as your own content.


Learn how to configure the global settings of website.


If you want to showcase your projects or work. Please create some single portfolios.

The Portfolio List is different from Single Portfolio. The single portfolio is for showing one specific project(or work) item, the portfolio list is for showcasing multiple portfolio(project) items. Learn how to build a standard Grid or Metro Grid portfolio page.


Learn how to create homepage, static page(like about, contact), etc.


If you want to post the blogs. Please go to “Posts > Add New” to create the single posts. To show these blogs, please create a Blog page.


If you want to sell the products on website, please install the most popular eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce. Check how to set the WooCommerce page layout.

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