Menu Items Style

The menu could be shown on the header, expanded panel, footer. Please refer to the tutorials to create the menu.

To set the Menu items spacing and other styles, please go to “SEA Theme > Theme Options > Header”


  • Horizontal Spacing for Menu Items on Header
  • Left Spacing for Menu area on Header

Please enter the integer number for the spacing. The spacing will work as the screenshot:

There are 2 inputs for one option. The 1st is for the Desktop, the 2nd is for the Mobile. They accept only input numbers.

Hide Menu for Header

The menu could be set to hide on the 5 header layouts:

Mouseover Effect

You could select a Hover effect for menu items. The default option is to hover to change color(the 1st option). Please define the color for Mouseover in “Theme Options > Colors“. You could define the line style for the 3rd effect.

You could define the menu color in “Theme Options > Colors”, define the font in the “Management > Fonts Assignment“.

If you want to use the hover effect for other text, please refer to this guide.

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