Create Fonts from Upload Font

Please follow to set the Upload Font:

  1. Please go to Fonts Management > Fonts Definition.
  2. Click “Add Item”.
  3. Enter the font name in “Font Name”.
  4. Pickup the “Upload Font” from the “Font Source”.
  5. Click “Upload” to upload(or choose from the Media Library) the font file(s).
  6. We suggest you use the WOFF2 format font file, it supports most of modern browsers.
    woff2 support browsers

    Tips: You could turn the TTF to WOFF2 by the Fontsquirrel.
  7. The font file URL format should be with http://(or https://). Please make sure the file URL is with https if your website is set the SSL(https). You could edit the URL manually also.
    woff2 support browsers

  8. If you enable the “base64”, the font file(s) will be inlined in webpage instead of linked external file(s). It will fix the FOUT (Flash of Unstyled Text) issue.
    PS: there will not be the FOUT issue when you enable Page Loader.
  9. Fallback font is optional. The browser will show the fallback font if the Google font is not loaded.
  10. Click Save

After completing the font creation(Definition),  please go to Fonts Management > Fonts Assignment to assign the font, check more.

Video Guide


  • How to solve the fatal error?
    The font file URL format should be with http://(or https://), like http://xxx.woff2

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