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The SEA theme offers blog layout with fullwidth, with right sidebar, left right sidebar. To set the default blog page layout, click the “Blog List” tab.

  1. Please go to SEA Theme > Theme Options
  2. Choose Blog Settings from the left options list in Theme Options.
  3. Make sure you have selected the Blog layout below.

The options for blog layout:

  • Layout – You could select the layout from 3 options: right sidebar, left sidebar, fullwidth.
  • Widget – You could select the widgets for right/left sidebar layout.
  • List Width – You could set with for the fullwidth layout
  • Blog Title & Description – This option allows you to show or hide title/Description(subtitle) area of the Blog page.
  • Blog Title – You could enter the title for the Blog page.
  • Blog Description (subtitle) – You could enter the Description (subtitle) for the Blog page.
  • Columns – You could select the Blog list columns, it supports 1 – 6 columns.
  • Items Horizontal spacing – Spacing between blog posts on horizontal.
  • Items Vertical spacing – Spacing between blog posts on vertical.
  • Item Layout – You could set the Title and thumbnail position for the blog posts.
  • Read More – show or hide “Read More” button
  • Social Share – Show or hide the Social share media icons(You should add the “Share Buttons For Post” in the “Social Networks” tab)
  • Item Summary – Show the short excerpt or whole content or nothing for each post item. If select the “Excerpt”, please enter the excerpt for each post, or it will show the first 20 words of the post content.
  • Show Meta – Show the meta info or not. Please select to show category, date or author if it is activated.
  • Show Content Built by BM Content Builder on Blog Page – Please activated it if you want to show the content built by BM Content Builder.

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