Tabs module introduction

Tabs is a user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive module that it can be for showing your works with high efficiency. It supports 4 tabs layouts(left, right, top, bottom). You can define the tabs for mobile also. Tabs supports to show SVG icon or without icon. It also presets a lot of text styles, spacing, color options.

To find the Tabs module, Please go to “Pages(Portfolios, Posts) > Add New”, click “BM Content Builder”

It works like this:

Add Tab item

You need to config a tab item including: tab title, image, icon and icon in active status. The icons are not required. To add new item, please click “Add Tab” or “Duplicate”.

Layout and Style

Please click “Advanced Settings”, you could define the layouts and style of Tabs module.

Tabs Layout

There are 4 options(the tab title position): tab on bottom, tab on top, tab on left, tab on right.

If it is set with “tab on bottom”, the layout on the mobile would be with “tab on bottom”. If it is set with one of other 3 positions, the layout on the mobile would be “tab on top”.

Tabs Arrangement in Mobile

There are 2 options to define the tab(title) arrangement way: Stacked, Horizontal

The tab width, height and spacing options:

Size, spacing, color options

The Icon width, background color, text color options:

Icon Position

The icon could be set on left, top, or without icon.

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