Grid / Masonry Grid – Sources(redirected to new)

To find the Grid and Masonry Grid module, Please go to “Pages > Add New”, click “BM Content Builder”

There are 4 sources for the thumbnails of Grid/Masonry Grid: Media Library, Portfolio, Post, and WooCommerce Product.

Media Library

You could choose images from media library. (check the 03:52 of the video guide)


Choose the portfolio(Portfolio of left admin bar). It could be created the portfolio page. read more


Choose the normal posts, it could be created the blog page. read more

WooCommerce Product

Choose WooCommerce Product, it could be created the shop product list page. Please make sure the WooCommerce plugin is activated.

Pickup a category

When set up the source as Portfolio, Post, or WooCommerce Product, please pickup a Category. The single portfolio/post/product within this category would be shown. Each post should have a “Featured Image” for the thumbnail.

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