How to set Shaped Edge

What is Shaped Edge

The unique “Shaped Edge” feature(from BM Content builder v 3.15) is available from the Group module.

How to create Shaped Edge

You need to edit page and enter BM Content builder:

Enter BM Content builder of ART, Sea, Air, Arnold WordPress theme

Please add or edit an existing Group module.

Group module icon
Add a Group from a empty page
Click the pencil of a existing Group module

Activate the Advanced Tab, activate Enable Shaped Edge, there are 5 options of shapes for Top and Bottom.

Options of Group - shaped edge for WordPress website

The selected shape will display on the Top and Bottom of this Group module.

To check how to Set shaped edge for WordPress website

The Group module should set a background color (or image, video) that is different from the background color of the entire page.

The animation will be activated if “Enable Edge Animation while Scrolling” is ON:

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