Grid / Masonry Grid – Filter

The Filter is available in the Grid and Masonry module.

Enable the Filter

To find the Grid and Masonry Grid module, Please go to “Pages > Add New”, click “BM Content Builder”

To show filter, please enable the “Filter” option.

You could define the filter font style, color, spacing, or hiding the superscript number

In fact, the filters are the categories. Please must pick up a Category also for the Portfolio/Post/WooCommerce source, please check how does it work in the next section.

How to make the Filter to work

For Source: Portfolio

It should work with the categories. Go to “Portfolio > Categories”, please add one category, all Portfolios would be set within this category. You could name it as “Works” or others. Please add several sub-categories, the sub-categories will be shown as the filter items, please set “Works” as the parent category of these categories. The category structure looks like:

Please make sure that the parent category(like the “Works” category) is selected in the Grid module.

It is the same as the “Post” and “WooCommerce Product” source.

For Source: Media Library

Please don’t set the parent category for the “Media library” source. Please go to “Media > Library” to set categories for the images within the Grid(and Masonry Grid):

It will directly list all categories as the filter items.


You could set the Filter align(position). There are 4 options:


There are the Filter section bottom spacing, Filter items left / right spacing options:

The spacing options would work like:

Replace the Word “All”

If you want to change the word “All“, please go to Theme Options > General Settings, enter a new word to replace it.

But if you are creating a multi-languages website, please don’t enter anything in this input box. Please define it by WPML or Polylang plugin.

Hide the number

Please enable this option if you don’t want the number is shown.

Adjust filter items order

  • Please install the free plugin “Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order
  • Please go to Portfolio > Taxonomy Order, you will see the portfolio categories(includes the filter items), please drag&drop them to re-order them

To re-order the filters items of single posts and media images, please to Posts > Taxonomy Order and Media > Taxonomy Order


Go to the category page instead of filter items. read more

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