Create a standard Grid Gallery page

To showcase your gallery work. Please add a new Page, active the BM Content builder.

Step by step

  1. Page > Add New
  2. Enter a title
  3. Click BM Content Builder
    BM Content builder
  4. Click “Grid
    Grid module
  5. Choose “Media Library” from the “Source” selector:
    Grid source media library
  6. Click “Select Images”.
    Grid source media library
    The Media Library panel will popup. Please pick up the images.
    Grid source media library
  7. The default title is the image file name. You could enter the Title, Categories, Custom URL. The categories are for the Filters.
    Grid source media library: custom url
  8. You will see the selected images are shown. You could drag&drop the images to re-order them. You could set the Columns and Spacing.
    Grid - Images order, spacing for desktop and mobile
  9. Please click “Advanced Settings”, choose “Open Lightbox” in the selector “What Thumbnail Does”:
  10. If you want to open a webpage, please choose “Open Custom URL” in the selector “What Thumbnail Does”. You need to enter a URL in the Media library for each image(refer step 7).

Maybe you want to know how to use the Grid module, please click here.

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