BM Content Builder introduction

The creative BM Content Builder is a unique elements Drag & Drop LIVE mode builder(check it how to work). You can create unique webpage with no coding skills.

After install and activate the BM Content Builder plugin, you’ll see the BM Content Builder button in Page/Post/Portfolio editing panel:

Press the button to pop up the interface of BM Content Builder.

If there are existed content on BM Content Builder, there are several buttons on the top bar: Quit, Save, Add Module, Save Layouts as Template, Insert Template.

  • Click the left-arrow icon to exit this editor.
  • Click the disk icon to save the current content.
  • Click the plus icon to add new modules. 
  • Click “Insert Template”, you could insert some layouts. Learn more 

There are 10 modules within the builder: Text, Button, Grid, Masonry Grid, Single Image, Button, Content Form, Embed, Social, Slider, and Group. 

Add a new module, like Text. The pop-up panel would show.

Click “Spacing”, you could enter a number to setup the “Top Spacing(desktop/mobile)” and “Bottom Spacing(desktop/mobile)” for this module.

For the builder is a live model editor, you’ll see the change that you have edited. Move the mouse cursor over the module. The toolbar would show.

Move forward one and back one

Width: To increase/reduce the width. Each module could be set 1-12 cols width. When the module is 12 cols already, increase one column, the module would be fullwidth.

Move to Left/Right

Add / Reduce spacing quickly(20px click once) for desktop

Add new module behind(or into for Group module) this module

Unique ID

There is a unique number ID for each module:

The ID would be within class name of module, the class name format would be module-id-1572937975619

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