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Learn how to replace imported placeholder images. When you import demo data of WordPress theme(Art, Arnold, SEA) or insert a pre-made layout in BM Content Builder, you will see the imported colorful or gray block, they are placeholder images in fact. How to replace them as your own images?


Most of images are built in BM Content Builder, please enter the builder interface to replace them. Following the steps:

  • Go to Pages > All pages, edit a Page
  • Click BM Content Builder
  • BM Content builder is a live mode webpage editor, so you can directly see the placeholder images. Click pencil icon on a module to edit it.
  • Click “Add new image”, the media library will popup, pick up a picture form the media library to replace the placeholder image
  • For a Grid module, which it can show series of pictures lined by grids. In the Grid panel, you can click delete icons above the placeholder images to delete them, and click “Select Images” to add your own pictures:
  • Grid module can list single portfolios also if Portfolio is selected from the selector Source. To change the thumbnail, please go to “Portfolio > All portfolio“, edit the single portfolio to edit the Featured image, check the next section.


  • Go to “Portfolio > All portfolio“, choose a portfolio to click Edit:
  • Find the Featured image section at the right column, click Replace Image, Media library panel will pop up, pickup a picture
  • Don’t forget to replace Second Featured Image(under the Featured image) if it is set a placeholder image.

This article fits the ARTSEA, Arnold, theme.

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